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The Douyin downloader app is available for downloading China TikTok videos more conveniently if you use it very often. 

Introduction: TikTokio Douyin Downloader

Douyin (China’s TikTok, 抖音) is a popular short video-sharing platform in mainland China. Just like TikTok, most Douyin users are not able to download Douyin videos to their devices. Even if they do, there is a douyin watermark. 
Therefore, TikTokio has developed a new function (Douyin Downloader) to help people freely download Douyin videos without watermark. This Chinese TikTok video downloader tool is just as easy as our TT downloader. All we need is the link of the Douyin video. Our free downloader will let you grab any Douyin video in seconds, all without any watermarks. Start saving your favorite Douyin content today!

Features of Our Douyin Downloader

🌟Compatible with all devices, so you can download doujin videos to your phones (no matter Android or iPhone), tablets, and computers.
🌟Supports high-quality downloads of Douyin videos. The watermark will be removed automatically if you choose the option of “downloading douyin video without watermark).
🌟No sign-up is needed. You don’t need to register or sign in to use our Douyin video downloader.
🌟Free to use. The Douyin video download service is always free. We may show some ads to keep things running, but we promise it won’t interrupt the smooth downloading process.
🌟Bonus: you can download regular TikTok videos, not just China TikTok videos.

How to Download Douyin Videos

Here is the detailed guide about downloading Douyin videos with our Douyin downloader and keeping them clean – no watermark!

Step 1: Find the Douyin video you want to download and copy the video link

It’s easy to get the video link. Just tap the “Share” icon (usually at the right corner, looking like a paper airplane), and then you’ll see an option of “Copy Link” or “复制链接.”
Sometimes, the links come with texts, but it’s okay. Just copy it, and we’ll take care.

Step 2: Go to our Douyin video downloader ( and paste the link

After pasting, click the “download” button beside, and wait for seconds. Our tool will process the link.

download douyin videos

Step 3: Select an option and download

That’s all! Now you have your favorite Douyin video without watermark. Enjoy!

Why Should You Use TikTokio to Download Douyin Videos

  • Simple and Free: Downloading Douyin videos with TikTokio Douyin downloader is a breeze. Just copy the video link, paste it into our website, and click download – all completely free!
  • No Watermark Clutter: We all hate watermarks! TikTokio gets rid of them, leaving you with clean, high-quality videos you can enjoy without distractions.
  • Fast Downloads, High Quality: TikTokio delivers your Douyin downloads in top quality and super fast!
  • Download on Any Device: Whether you’re on your phone, computer, or tablet, TikTokio works perfectly across devices. There’s also an Android app for on-the-go douyin download.
  • No Account Hassle: Download Douyin videos with TikTokio is completely anonymous.
  • More Than Just Douyin: TikTokio also lets you download videos from the regular TikTok app.

FAQs About TikTokio and Douyin Downloader

Think TikTok, but for China! Douyin lets you watch and share short videos, just like the regular TikTok app.

A Douyin downloader, also called Douyin video downloader, is a tool that helps you save videos from Douyin to your phone, computer, or tablet. This way, you can keep your favorite videos to watch later, share with friends, or use for inspiration.

This is where TikTokio comes in! It lets you download Douyin videos online using just your regular internet browser—no need to install anything extra.

It’s easy to get the video link. Just tap the “Share” icon (usually at the right corner, looking like a paper airplane), and then you’ll see an option of “Copy Link” or “复制链接.”

Sometimes, the links come with texts, but it’s okay. Just copy it, and we’ll take care.

Yes! Our Douyin downloader works on almost anything, from iPhones and computers to tablets and even Android phones with our app.

Yes, we always download high-quality Douyin videos for you. Don’t worry.

Nope! TikTokio works right within your web browser. No need for any additional software or extensions that can slow things down.

While TikTokio lets you save douyin videos, it can’t edit them. But once you have your downloaded video, you can use other editing apps for further personalization!

The rules can be a bit tricky. Downloading for yourself is usually okay. But remember, don’t share downloaded videos without the creator’s permission, as that can be a copyright issue.

Note: TikTokio (China Douyin Downloader) is not a tool of TikTok, and we have no relationship with TikTok or ByteDance Ltd. We only support TikTok users to download douyin videos without watermark with ease. Please do not infringe others’ copyright when you use our TikTok story download site. If you have problems with sites like SnapTik, TikMate, or SSSTikTok, try TikTokio! We are constantly updating to make it easy for users to save douyin videos FREELY. Thank you!