How to Make a Slideshow on TikTok? A Step-by-Step Guide


TikTok is a popular platform for creative expression. The new feature Slideshows is gaining popularity. They let you share a series of images to tell a story.

So, do you want to learn how to make a slideshow on TikTok? This guide will show you a detailed tutorial. Let’s delve in!

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How to Make a Slideshow on TikTok?

Making a slideshow on TikTok is possible through many methods, and using the Slideshow effect is the most easy and flexible way.

You can simply put a sequence of images or videos together with smooth transitions. The transition styles and durations can be customizedMusic or text overlays can also be added to enhance the slideshows.

Whether you’re sharing travel adventures, DIY projects, or cherished memories, the TikTok Slideshow effect simplifies creation and self-expression. Below are the steps to create a slideshow on TikTok.

Getting Started – Make the Slideshow!

First, open the TikTok app and log in. You can download the app for testing if you haven’t installed it.

  • Choose the right template
  • Select and organize photos
  • Set the mood with sound
  • Enhance visuals with filters and effects
  • Add textual context
  • Preview and final touches
tiktok slideshows

1. Choosing the Right Template

  • Tap the “+” symbol (plus icon) at the bottom
  • Select “template” to find various styles
  • Pick one that fits your theme and image count

2. Selecting and Organizing Photos

  • Gather your photos and arrange them logically
  • Ensure a smooth flow between each image
  • Pay attention to resolution and aspect ratio

3. Setting the Mood with Sound

  • Use TikTok’s songs or upload your own
  • Choose music that enhances your visuals

4. Enhancing Visuals with Filters and Effects

  • Add filters and effects to make your slideshow pop
  • Find a balance so they complement your images

5. Adding Textual Context

  • Include text overlays for context or captions
  • Customize font, color, and alignment for clarity
  • Check for errors

6. Preview and Final Touches

Before sharing your slideshow with the world:

  • Review your slideshow and make any necessary adjustments
  • Check each slide for coherence


In summary, learning how to make a slideshow on TikTok is a fun way to share your memories and stories. Following the steps in this guide, you’ll fully learn how to create interesting slideshows on TikTok.

Always remember to try different templates, music, effects, and text to make your photo content unique. It helps you connect with your audience and show off your creativity.