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What is SSSTikTok?

SSSTikTok is the fastest and easiest way to download TikTok videos. It’s simple, no watermarks, and supports HD quality. Works on any device—iOS, Android, macOS, or Windows. Even if you’re new to downloading videos, SSSTikTok’s easy interface guides you through effortlessly.

How to Download TikTok Videos with SSSTikTok?

Following the given steps to download TikTok video without watermark with SSSTikTok.

Step 1 Access SSSTikTok Downloader: Launch your preferred web browser and direct it to the SSSTikTok downloader hosted on

Step 2 Retrieve the TikTok Video URL: Navigate to the TikTok app or access the TikTok website via your browser. Locate the video you wish to download and copy its URL. You can do this by tapping the “Share” option associated with the TikTok video and selecting “Copy Link.”

found the video download link

Step 3 Paste URL into SSSTikTok Search Bar: Return to our SSSTikTok tool and locate the prominently displayed search bar. Proceed to paste the copied TikTok video URL into this designated area.

Step 4 Start the Download Process: Paste the URL into the search bar and activate the “Download” button adjacent to it. SSSTikTok will promptly commence processing the provided TikTok video URL.

Step 5: Pick Your Format: Choose if you want the video with or without the TikTok watermark.

Step 6: Save Your Video: Click download, select where to save it, and you’re done!

choose the format and download

Great job! You’ve successfully saved your TikTok video with SSSTikTok. Now, enjoy watching it offline or share it with friends. Remember to respect the copyright rights of the content you download.

How to Download TikTok MP3 with SSSTikTok MP3 Function?

Here’s how to download TikTok MP3 with the SSSTikTok MP3 function:

Step 1: Copy TikTok Video URL: Find the TikTok video with the audio you want. Copy its URL.

Step 2: Go to SSSTikTok: Visit our SSSTikTok tool on

Step 3: Paste the URL: Paste the TikTok video URL into the search bar and tap the “Download” button next to it.

Step 4: Start MP3 Download: Click “download MP3.” SSSTikTok will process the video and begin downloading the MP3 for you.

download mp3

Step 5: Listen to the Audio: Once downloaded, enjoy the TikTok sound offline or add it to your music collection. SSSTikTok MP3 lets you grab TikTok’s audio easily. Just remember to respect copyright rules.


Yes, SSSTikTok supports downloading TikTok videos as MP3 files. Just copy the TikTok video URL and paste it into the SSSTikTok search bar. Click “Download,” and SSSTikTok will process the URL, offering download options, including MP3 format.

Select MP3, save the file to your device, and enjoy the audio separately. It’s great for playlists or offline listening.

SSSTikTok downloader doesn’t save or store downloaded videos. Once you use SSSTikTok to download a video, it’s not kept on our servers or stored anywhere else.

We prioritize user privacy and data security by ensuring that SSSTikTok facilitates secure and efficient downloads without retaining any downloaded content.

No extra software or extensions are required to use SSSTikTok. Our downloader works entirely online, accessible through the website or the “tiktokio” app in the Google Play Store.

Just open SSSTikTok in your web browser, and you can start downloading TikTok videos right away, without any additional installations.

You don’t have to pay to use the SSSTikTok downloader. It’s a free online tool accessible to anyone with internet access.

With SSSTikTok, you can download as many TikTok videos as you want, completely unrestricted. Whether it’s just one video or a bunch, SSSTikTok offers a hassle-free way to save TikTok content in any quantity, so you can enjoy it offline whenever you like.

  • Visit the SSSTikTok tool on
  • Copy the URL of the TikTok video you want to download.
  • Paste the copied TikTok video URL into the SSSTikTok search bar.
  • Select the “No Watermark” option.
  • Click on the download button.
  • It will download your desired TikTok video without watermarks.

If SSSTikTok isn’t working, you can try our TikTokio video downloader, an excellent alternative available on our homepage. TikTokio offers similar features, allowing you to download TikTok videos without any watermarks.

Note: SSSTikTok is not a tool of TikTok and we have no relationship with TikTok or ByteDance Ltd. We only support TikTok users to download their favorite content from TikTok. Please do not infringe others’ copyright when you use our SSSTikTok tool. We are constantly updating to make it easy for users to FREELY download TikTok videos. Thank you!